Friday, May 13, 2011

62MPG Fleet Average Not Likely

Unknown to most American citizens, 18 US Senators and a bunch of hippy environmentalists have been quietly pushing a bill that would require US automakers to have a fleet average of 62MPG by the year 2025. However, numerous letters including one from the Alliance of Auto Manufacturers has the Obama Administration reconsidering this proposal.
Obama, even though he has basically nothing to do with this post.
My opinion is that this proposal will interfere with the American dream of being a bad-ass motherfucker. You see, it is very difficult to be hardcore when your car gets 62MPG.

The official response from the AAM is that the cost increase would be too substantial, at approximately $10,000 per vehicle, and all manufacturers would likely see a significant decrease in sales. Job loss is predicted at 250,000 jobs if the 62MPG fleet average requirement were to take effect.

An official decision on this bill isn't expected to be delivered until next year, but until then Das Auto! says screw the hippies and their hippy agenda, and recommends that you buy a gas-guzzler while you still can.


  1. I'll never buy a gas-guzzler >_<!!!!

  2. To celebrate this post I'm going to go outside to my Mustang, take it on a spirited drive, then send a picture of the "AVG MPG" screen reading single digits and mail it to Al Gore.

  3. It wouldn't matter if Gas wasn't so expensive! There's lots of it. Lets jack up the prices when there is none left on the Earth, so those who reallly want it can pay for it.

  4. Yeah. Nothing like a fresh wax and a rumbling gas guzzler to get people asking.........."Can I see?"

  5. I agree with Das Auto on this one, hippies dont know s***

  6. lol. Why the hate on awesome MPG? I don't really care about looking flashy in my car but now i'd go damn insane if I had a gas guzzler and to break the band at the gas station several times a week.