Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Worst Vehicles on the Road 2011 - According to Forbes

Forbes magazine recently released its "2011 Worst Cars on the Road" list, and while I wasn't surprised that American manufacturers got hated on substantially, but a couple others such as the Smart Fortwo made me laugh. Here is the full list:

  Cadillac Escalade
  Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
  Dodge Nitro SLT
Chrysler Town & Country
  Mercedes Benz S550
Chevrolet Aveo
  Chevrolet Colorado
Nissan Titan
  Jeep Liberty
  Smart Fortwo

Whenever lists like this are compiled, its important to know the criteria. Forbes took many factors into consideration The Cadillac Escalade for example, although a symbol of wealth and class, topped the list because of its high cost of ownership, poor safety rating, and overall low value.

As I mentioned above, American vehicles are quite prominent on this list. Since Forbes derived its data from Consumer Reports, this is clearly because of low safety reports, low reliability, high maintenance costs, and bad fuel economy.

I can't say I agree implicitly with this list, but instead of ranting I'll just conclude by saying that Consumer Reports seems a bit biased. Luxury vehicles have an obviously higher cost of ownership, but that doesn't necessary make them "the worst vehicles on the road," does it? And not every manufacturer strives to make all of their vehicles the safest (substituting practicality and performance). So although I wasn't necessary looking to buy any of the vehicles on this list, the fact that Forbes proclaimed them the "worst vehicles on the road," does little to alter my thoughts towards them. If anything, I think less of Forbes for being a bunch of jackasses.


  1. woww, I've never been in any of those :p

    I did used to think the Escalade was pretty nice, but I guess looks just don't cut it ahahah

  2. i hate the dodge nitro so much

  3. Haha, thanks for the list but I don't really mind them. :)

  4. Yeah the Escalade is a shiny piece of crap.

  5. who drives a jeep on road. lol dumb rich fuckers, drive a caddy off road will ya

  6. If I had that jeep I would be riding in the jungle haha

  7. yeap, some of these cars are such fails

  8. haha, my cousin loves his Nissan Titan. I wondered why the hell he bought that thing in the first place. Looks like i win!

  9. I agree with you that the Forbes folks are turd burglars. However, the Jeep Liberty...definitely a pieceashit.