Sunday, October 17, 2010

Honoring "Hall of Shame" Contestants today

As a person who has a laugh reflex which is activated when I hear a fart can on a Honda, I get a great deal of amusement from seeing the atrocious creations that people are driving these days. In the interest of sharing humor, have a look at what I've found today:


I'm not sure why anyone would do this to a BMW. Lambo doors? Lime green? I mean, I applaud the effort, but this is the least attractive 6-series I have ever seen. Still don't think it's ugly? Have a look at the rear! Why shave the emblem on a BMW anyway? I'd be proud to show it!


Even though the below Acura  is "conservatively modded" when compared to other cars I've seen, I still can't wrap my head around the concept of the huge spoiler. Is this really tasteful in the import community?

I saved my favorite picture for last. Remember now, each of those dual-tier spoilers adds 50 HP!!
And if I recall correctly, the flames increase the top speed!


  1. The BMW looks okay from the front. But I hate acuras!

  2. imo i kinda like the whole lambo door thing on the bmw even if it is a bit over the top