Monday, October 25, 2010

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept

I've gotta say, I'm really digging this Lambo concept, despite some criticism its exterior design has received. Most of my posts revolve around affordable cars, and I try not to post about anything in the "supercars" category, but look at these pictures and tell me it's not worthy of attention!! I really hope this sees production.

Brief overview of specs:
- 2,202 lbs, very light (considering the Nissan GTR is 70% heavier)
- 570-horsepower V10 mounted behind the cockpit
- 3.86lbs per HP
- Impressive top speed of 300km/h (186mph)

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  1. /drool what I would do for a car like this....

  2. the outside looks weird, but the interior is awsem!

  3. Nice! not really liking the front of the car though

  4. Big fan of the Nissan GTR but I'd take the lambo over it any day!

  5. Well i don't like lambos that much, beside the Audi engine :D

  6. Holy poo, that thing looks beautiful. I think that the steering wheel looks kind of strange, though haha.

  7. holyfack! that is one of the nicest model's ive seen, some of these concept cars look amazing!

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  8. Just checking in again to say what's up - beautiful car.