Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Which color to paint my Volkswagen?

I'll have to let Photoshop decide for me.

Plain Jane... her paint's a bit faded, but when I repaint it, it's not going to be black. Too high maintenance.

Full limo tint and some random ass design on the hood

Just screwin' around with this one.

Still screwin' around, my car is just working on her tan.

Alright, alright, I'll stop messing around after this one.


  1. I think black looks fine. Have you considered other finishes like a matte finish? Window tints look good, how about lowering it and new mags? just the usual visual mods.

  2. go with all black, get black mags and tint windows

  3. I think you did a pretty good job in editing and replacing the colors of your Volks! I can’t even tell where the original picture is. Although black is good, why don‘t you take some risk and go for a bold color? It would make your car stand out from the sea of dark colored cars. And with that, my vote goes to the seventh photo. The rustic golden paint would give your car some vintage charm.

    [Tyra Shortino]