Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Most Reliable Manufacturers?

Among the vehicles on the road today, which of them are the most reliable? It's a question that is often up for debate on many car enthusiasts. Some vehicles are too new to accurately determine reliability, but for older vehicles, it is quite obvious.

While some opinions are formulated around the fact that Japanese vehicles statistically exceed the mileage of other manufacturer's vehicles, some people are adamant that almost any vehicle can be extremely reliable if properly maintained.

It's sometimes difficult to define a reliable vehicle. From a mechanic's perspective, it can mean any vehicle that exceeds the average milage for its model/year without any *major* repairs. Other people seem to think it can include any vehicle that is still on the road in mass quantities, regardless of the repairs.

In the interest of being far to all auto manufacturers, I did a very inclusive search on this subject, and am pleased to share my findings! I'm only going to post the prominent results by manufacturer, because posting individual vehicles would take days!!

I'll start with my car - my 1992 Volkswagen Jetta GTX (actual picture). This car has been in my ownership for two years, and the only repairs have been routine maintenance. It has 350,000km's and still runs strong. Every day, I see tons of MK2 Volkswagens around town, which is an indication that they are extremely reliable. German engineering at its finest!

No surprise here! Honda has a reputation for manufacturing the world's most reliable cars throughout the 80's, 90's, and today's line-up! I am definitely not a Honda fan at all, but if I had to purchase a reliable car, I'd buy a civic.

I know from personal experience how reliable Toyotas are. The above car was mine. I purchased it for $250 dollars and it tried to kill it!!! (one of my previous posts has more pictures) ...I beat the hell out of it. I took it off-road, and I even hit a tree at 30km/hr which is why the bumper is completely fucked. It still drove fine! If you want a car that you can beat the hell out of, I recommend a Toyota. These cars are reliable as shit!!!

There are some American vehicles which should be recognized. The Ford Ranger is a solid truck, and their engines have been known to surpass 600,00km's with proper maintenance. They used the same engine in multiple vehicles on their line-up.

I could keep posting, but I feel like I'm going to pass out from a combination of sleep deprivation and drug experimentation. I think I'll end the post here, cheers!


  1. I lol'd at the Toyota. You beat the shit out of that poor thing.

    You're right about VWs though. My friend has a Scirocco and it runs like the day she bought it. You'd never expect it since VWs arent that expensive

  2. i liek toyota, althog i still didn't own any car

  3. old cars lol
    dont see these much anymore

  4. Nice info. Germans make the best cars by far.

  5. I had an 87' Honda Civic and although the exterior looked like garbage, shit ran like a champ!

  6. Whenever I think of "reliable car," the first company that comes to mind is Honda.

  7. that gives me something to think about

  8. looking forward to your next update

  9. ford ranger is an old school country boy truck, hell yeah!!

  10. cool post thanks bro i liked the read